Our Cat Boarding Facilities 

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Our mission at Home Suite Home is to ensure your cat feels at home with us. That’s why we provide an exclusive five-star cattery designed to spoil your cat.

Our newly built cat boarding centre provides ongoing monitoring as we live at the same premises enabling us to provide individualised care by attending to your cat in the morning, right throughout the day until we go to bed at night.

Home Suite Home's cattery has all the adequate space necessary for your cat’s wellbeing because we have designed four customised home environments that are tailored to your cat's unique personality.

Our cat boarding home will accommodate cats for owners who have more than one feline, elderly cats with special needs and cats that have special feeding requirements.

All our cattery suites have access to the following

Climate controlled with air conditioning for the summer periods & heating for the winter months.

We live on-site with your cat enabling us to provide ongoing monitoring.

An engineered ventilation system that controls air quality.

All our cats in boarding have access to fresh air, natural sunlight and garden views.

Our cattery only houses a small volume of cats for personalised care.

Private individual outdoor enclosures for your cat to roam outside as they please.

A unique enrichment menu to stimulate your cat's senses.

We have 18 years in the animal industry.

Vet Nurse & Animal behaviourist.

Our cat boarding centre has 24-hour access to Veterinary care.