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Our feeding and enrichment menu


We have Ping Pong balls, Mice and feather sticks to interact with. 


Our puzzles and hanging toys will keep your cat active throughout the day. 


In our garden, we grow

Cat grassCat mint &
Catnip. Our cats go crazy for it!



We spend one on one time with our guests to help them feel at home.

We know that diet change can cause an upset stomach in some cats, so we always encourage you to let us know what your furbaby likes to snack on.

If your cat is on a prescription diet or likes to eat a particular food, please pack it in their suitcase as we will ensure we follow your feeding instructions.

We provide a number of feeding options as we make a mix of cookies that includes, TD dental Hills biscuits, Science Diet, Proplan and a sprinkle of Party Mix treats. The wet food options include: Soup of the day, Fancy Feast, Dine, Whiskas and Felix sensations!

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