By appointment only

Most cats don't like too many people, loud noises and interrupted sleep during the day. So to reduce their stress, we like to deal with one client at a time as we work by appointment only.

We also have "Quiet Time" during the day so all our cats get their much needed siesta (sleep) hence why we close in the middle of the day.


5 Elliott Street

Coburg North VIC 3058


0404 225 229


                Opening hours

Monday:       9am till 12pm    2pm till 5pm 

Tuesday:       9am till 12pm    2pm till 5pm


Wednesday: 9am till 12pm    2pm till 5pm


Thursday:     9am till  12pm    1pm till 4pm

Friday:          9am till  12pm    1pm till 4pm

Saturday:      9am till 12pm     3pm till 5pm

Sunday:        9am till 12pm     3pm till 5pm

Closed on Public holidays

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