We are a Home Away from Home

We believe comfort and enrichment are both vital for your cat’s stimulation. At no extra charge, our program is packed with interactive toys, catnip, cat grass, jumping levels, extra bedding and most importantly, our personal time.

Scroll down to view all our lovely suites and costs. 

Please note that there is a $5 surcharge, per day for public holidays, long weekends, Easter and Christmas holidays.

Cats on medication or with regular grooming needs will also incur a daily fee. 


We offer discount stays for long term bookings. So please call to obtain a quote.

The Urban Jungle
For the ‘shy cat’ that likes to hide 

These peaceful rooms are designed to give your cat extra privacy. The suites are filled with potted grass, with plenty of natural materials to perch on and hide away.

Single $22 per day + GST

2.5 deep x 2 high x 1 meter wide

Queen $30 per day + GST

3 deep x 2 high x 2 meters wide

+ $10 for an extra cat housed together

The Rumpus Room
For the ‘active indoor cat’

The Rumpus Rooms is packed with jumping towers, scratching posts, sprint puzzle stairs and extra space to run around. 

King size rooms $36 per day +GST

3 deep x 3 wide x 3 meters high

+ $10 for an extra cat housed together

The Townhouse
For the adventurous cat!

The Townhouse suites are designed for the cat that loves to roam outside.

They will have access to their very own private garden enclosure, with comfy chairs and pillows to curl into, along with their very own windowsill to watch the world go by.

Deluxe - $36 per day + GST

4 deep x 2 high x 1.3 meters wide

+ $10 for an extra cat housed together

Mansion Suites
For the cat that has it all!

These private luxurious suites are spaciously designed for the cat that wants to best of both worlds. They come complete with boutique furnishings, double-fronted windows with a large private outdoor courtyard with garden views. This room is secluded from the other cats so your feline will defiantly feel like they are in

"a home away from home".

Penthouse $48 per day + GST

5 deep x 3 high x 3 meters wide

+ $10 for an extra cat housed together